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Signal: 202-510-1268

Non-secure email: kenk@tyt.com

316 W. Washington Ave Suite 675 (c/o Ken Klippenstein)
Madison, WI 53703


1 Response to About me

  1. Devin Taylor says:

    Hey Ken,

    I have a healthcare question for you. I am Canadian-born U.S. citizen raised by Canadian parents. My mother is a conservative democrat, and healthcare is an issue she tends to be a bit more conservative on due to some of our Canadian relative’s direct experiences with their healthcare system. Her argument is that while it is free healthcare, there are often times when people have to wait a long time (could be up to several months) to get the care they need. This wait can be too long as they cannot be at their best while waiting, or even worse, their issue becomes detrimentally worse in the meantime.
    I am for Medicare for All being implemented in the U.S., but I do understand my mother’s concerns. While people in the U.S. die because their expenses for medical treatments are more than they can afford, having to wait for a very long time to get treatment doesn’t seem like much of a step in the right direction. How does the U.S. implement Medicare for All without running into this issue that Canada currently has?

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